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Anthony Panzera: Dawn, Dusk and In Between

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Join us in Nantucket for this one-man exhibition.

Anthony Panzera, NA, (member of the National Academy) has been a professor of drawing at Hunter College, in Manhattan, since 1968, and is a regular contributor to American Artist Magazine.  Although primarily a figurative painter, this show focuses on a series of works examining the sea and coastline of Nantucket, a subject that has inspired and enamored him since 1978.

view available works by Anthony Panzera

Self PortraitAnthony Panzera:

Dawn, Dusk and In Between

July 9 – 21 – Quidley & Company – Nantucket

Opening: July 9th, 6PM – 8PM

Quidley & Company

26 Main Street, Nantucket


Artist’s Statement

I have long been fascinated by the dynamic nature of the atmospheric conditions on the Cape Islands, most especially Nantucket.  The sea and sky, colored by reflected light and charged by swirling wind, are ever-changing, and as they change they leave a profound effect on one another.  No changes, however, are more beautifully or brutally dramatic than those brought about by dawn and dusk.  This new series of paintings investigates those fleeting, sometimes other worldly, sometimes spiritual, moments, and, to a lesser extent, the mostly calmer hours in between.

Study for 'Sunrise Over Moors' 11x14

With dawn comes the birth of each new day, and the first breaking rays of light seem to reflect hope and renewal.  Light returns, it colors the clouds, water and waves.  Even the sand and rocks reflect the warmth of the sun.  Somehow, the miracle of a new day evokes in us the miracle of life.

As dusk comes, just before the sun is lost behind the horizon and hides behind clouds, it sends out rays of warm light – a last, bright radiance of hope. Then, the moment the sun sets, we experience loss of light, enveloping darkness, perhaps even despair.  All seems lost and nothing is left — until tomorrow.

There is, of course, beauty to be found in both — as they remind us of life, mimicking its ever-present rhythms of hope and despair, gains and losses and the times in between.

– Anthony Panzera

Complete Biography

Anthony Panzera is a member of The National Academy and the Society of Mural Painters.  He teaches at Hunter College in New York City, where he has been a member of the Fine Art faculty since 1968.  He was also an artist-in-residence for the Michigan State Council for the Arts, co-director of The Art in Florence and Rome Programs and taught a variety of courses at the National Academy and the New York Academy of Art.

Panzera was born in 1941 in Brooklyn, N.Y.  He earned a B.S. degree from the State University of New York, New Paltz, N.Y., in 1963, an M.F.A. degree from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Ill., in 1967, and studied independently in Florence, Italy, in 1975-1976.

Primarily a figurative painter, Panzera has studied and worked with the human figure throughout his career.  He was greatly influenced by the works of the Renaissance Masters he studied firsthand during a sabbatical year (1975-76) in Florence, Italy; this eventually led to The Leonardo Series, a group of 65 drawings based on the proportional theories of Leonardo da Vinci.  Other groups of drawings include a series of scroll drawings each measuring 15 feet in length, a group of life-size figure drawings, the 1001 Body Parts Series, and a group known as TheHeadless Torsos.  Panzera’s oeuvre also includes numerous series of paintings of the classic nude, such as several life-size paintings based on the life of Victorine Meurent.  His latest figurative works focus on the back views of the figure.   In addition to his figurative work,  Panzera is captivated by the Cape and the islands and has painted, en plein air, its seascapes, landscapes and vistas since 1978.  Recently, reacting to his two-year-old granddaughter’s fascination with farm animals and the book The Red Balloon, he created Fiamma’s Fantasies, a series of individual portraits of sheep and goats in surreal landscapes.

His works have been represented in one-man and group shows across the country and in Europe.  Recent one-man exhibitions include: Anthony Panzera: Figurative Drawings/Paintings and Seascapes, Eisenhauer Gallery, Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. (2007); 1001 Body Parts, The Gallery of the Fine Arts League, Asheville, N.C. (2005); Fiamma’s Fantasies, Eisenhauer Gallery, Edgartown, Mass. (2005); Works of Anthony Panzera, The Century Association, New York, N.Y. (2002); Nantucketscapes, Nantucket, Mass. (1998); Drawings of the Nude: Selections from Three Series, New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, N.J. (1998); The Big Picture, Scroll and Life-Size Drawings, which debuted at Bates College, Lewiston, Me. and traveled to the Marsh Art Gallery, University of Richmond, Richmond, Va, and The Hickory Museum of Art, Hickory, N.C.; and an early, smaller version of The Leonardo Series which opened at The New York Academy of Art, in New York in 1989 and subsequently traveled across the country to several other venues.

Afternoon at Quidnet

Recent group exhibitions include:  Profiles of the Figure, Quidley & Company, Nantucket, MA (2008); National Academy: The 182nd ANNUAL, An Exhibition of Contemporary Art, The National Academy Museum, New York, N.Y. (2007); The Naked and The Nude, the Century Association, New York, N.Y. (2007); The Nude: An Invitational Exhibition, The Art Students’ League, New York, N.Y. (2007); The Professional Painters Exhibition, The Century Association, New York, N.Y. (2006), Disegno: 180th Annual Exhibition, The National Academy Museum, New York, N.Y. (2005); Hunter College Faculty Exhibition, Times Square Gallery, New York, N.Y. (2005); New Works, J. Cacciola Gallery, New York, N.Y. (2004); Uninterrupted Mysteries, J. Cacciola Gallery, Bernardsville, N.J. (2004); Sign at the Crossroad, The Newark Museum, Newark, N.J. (2003); Bacchio, a traveling exhibit with several venues across Italy (2002-2003);  Looking at the Visual: Art as Object, Art as Experience, Marsh Art Gallery, University of Richmond, Richmond, Va. (1999); Cross Purposes, Traditional Symbol/Contemporary Visions, Korn Gallery, Drew University, Madison, N.J. (1999); and Anthony Panzera, The Everson Museum, Syracuse, N.Y. (1983).

Panzera is represented by the Quidley & Company Gallery in Nantucket, MA, and Boston, MA   His works are represented in many public and private collections, including The Munson–Procter Museum, Utica, N.Y.; The Hickory Museum of Art, Hickory, N.C.; The Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, New Brunswick, N.J.; The Museum of Art, Bates College, Lewiston, Me.; The Bristol-Myers Squibb Collection, Princeton, N.J.; The Johnson & Johnson Collection, New Brunswick, N.J.; The Janssen Pharmaceutical Collection, Pennington, N.J.; The Rutgers Center for Innovative Printmaking, New Brunswick, N.J.; The Century Association, New York, N.Y.; The McColl Brothers Lockwood Bank of America Collection, N.C.; and The National Academy Museum, New York, N.Y.

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