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The Poetry of Place : New works by Donald Jurney

Donald Jurney

The Poetry of Place

Oct 14 – November 3, 2010

Quidley & Company

118 Newbury St

Boston, MA 02116

New Works for the Exhibition

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View All Available Works by Donald Jurney here


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A Closer Look: Donald Jurney

An in-depth look at one of Donald Jurney’s landscape paintings. This article gives some insight into his working method as well as his artistic lineage and inspirations.

Take ‘A Closer Look’ at Donald Jurney’s “Autumn on the Housatonic.”


POST HOME Home Gardening

George Stephanopoulos and Actress Alexandra Wentworth design their new home around their cherished Donald Jurney painting.

Actress Alexandra Wentworth describes how her Jurney landscape has welcomed her home for 15 years.


Quidley & Company’s exhibition for Donald Jurney has been written-up in the November issues of American Art Collector Magazine.

Read the article here.

*Courtesy of American Art Collector magazine.



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