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A Visual Journey with John Swan

September 24, 2014

Quidley & Company is pleased to present a solo exhibition of work by the internationally recognized painter John Swan. The show will run from October 9 – November 26, 2014, with an opening artist’s reception on Thursday, October 9th from 5-8 pm.

Swan Yellow Dress

Though widely known for his sporting art, Swan’s paintings comprise a range of subjects and genres, from seascapes to portraiture to nudes. Working in both watercolor and oil, his paintings are awash in light, color and a sense of energy that combine in shimmering images.

The artist demonstrates a facility for rendering naturalistic detail that is the result of a life spent immersed in the outdoors, from northern New England to the Bahamas. Swan’s passion for nature is matched by his sensitivity to the human form; his subjects, compelling in their casual depictions on boats, in backyards, or in seaside bars, come to life on the canvas in an expression of personality and vitality.

invThe River Boat small (1)

As described by Tom Davis, in “Reluctant Stardom,” “Swan’s art is fresh, vital and never overstated. He leaves room for the imagination to make its own discoveries. Daring colors and free, agile brushwork are trademarks of his style; a keen eye and astute judgement result in compositions that appear utterly spontaneous and unforced. Viewing them is as if you are standing at the artist’s shoulder, seeing what he sees, feeling what he feels. The experience is immediate and intense.”

invUnder the Umbrella small (1)

Painting and exhibiting for over 20 years in the US, Canada, and the Bahamas, Swan’s work is collected worldwide, and has been reproduced in countless periodicals, journals and books. John Swan’s paintings offer a window into his wonderful world and an escape to outdoor adventure.

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