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Come Together Over Art

August 27, 2013

Photographer Richard Rinaldi brings people together through art.  The young artist hit the streets of New York City with his large format  8” x10” view camera and no intentions of taking typical street-art images.  He asked strangers if they were willing to participate in an art project with them, and most were excited to oblige.  Rinaldi posed diverse varieties of strangers in intimate positions.  His newest project, Touching Strangers, has received world-wide praise from art critics, artists, art-lovers, and, of course, strangers. 


Living in cities, people are surrounded by others and some give little notice to passersby.  Rinaldi’s project allowed strangers of different gender, age, or background to pause and take a moment to touch.  His use of a large format camera slows down the picture taking process and makes it necessary for the people he photographs to spend a full, few minutes embracing. 


It seems peoples’ love of art has physically brought them together on the crowded streets in a truly touching way.    Image

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