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Summer Lovin’

August 6, 2013

Hollywood’s latest indie-art film, The Face of Love, features paintings by Quidley artist, Tracey Sylvester Harris.  Her vibrant paintings will co-star with Annette Benning, Robin Williams, and Ed Harris, who plays the artist painting the images.  The film, which releases in late September, tells the story of a divorced artist and school teacher (Ed Harris) who meets and falls in love with a widow (Annette Benning), who inspires him to paint again.   The paintings illustrate the transformative influence of love after loss.



After recovering from the initial shock of hearing her paintings will star in a Hollywood film, Harris excitedly replied, “I always pictured my alter ego in the studio as a serious bad ass.  Ed Harris is a brilliant casting in my mind!”  Co-producer, Tom Denolf, sourced hundreds of LA galleries for large, figurative images with California energy.

Tom Denolf chose paintings from T.S. Harris’s Lost Holiday and Noir series.  In these series, Harris, inspired by images of the forties and fifties, sources black and white photographs of women and transforms them into vivid, colorful masterpieces.  The large-scale paintings capture forgotten memories and offer them new life.  The sometimes faceless women in the paintings become alluring and mysterious, not for their bodies, but because their actions are discrete from context.  Each painting reveals the artist’s love of fleeting moments in the sunlight.

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  1. September 5, 2013 2:30 AM

    I love your paintings. Very nice paintings.

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