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En Plein Air

August 1, 2013

N Magazine recognizes Sergio Roffo, a long-time favorite painter of Quidley and Co. The article, Stroke of Genius, describes the artist’s technique and traditional style of painting. The local artist has painted Nantucket landscapes for decades, and remains an avid painter still. Roffo draws much of his inspiration form Nantucket. For over thirty years, he visits the island in the summer. His paintings illustrate familiar views and less known attractions. Roffo shares his deep passion for the ocean saying, “I love to paint the serenity and peacefulness of coastal scenes.”
Roffo, a master painter, stays true to his style of plein air painting, or open-air painting. At the crack of dawn, the painter can be found setting up his easel and sketching the Nantucket landscape onto canvas. As the morning light washes over the land, Roffo paints the golden detail on his canvas. He has to work fast before the sun rises fully and casts harsh shadows. The many years he spent diligently painting allow him to render stunning masterpieces in hours. “Painting allows me to freeze time for others to enjoy,” says Roffo, and art-lovers certainly do seek out his unique, tranquil works of art.

During the third week of August, Quidley and Co Gallery is hosting a solo show of Sergio Roffo’s work.

The full article can be found online through N Magazine or by clicking the link below.

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