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Quidley Artists Stand Tall

July 25, 2013

Wm. Davis Morning Row, Brant Point”

Quidley and Company is honored to represent Jim Holland and William Davis who have recently been selected  by the Cape Cod Art Museum to exhibit in the museum’s newest exhibition. Lighthouses have long been crucial architectural references and maritime landmarks.  Now the art world shines a new light on the historically impressive structures in a contemporary frame of reference.  With more than thirty lighthouses lining the beaches of Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard, it’s clear why many art lovers seek masterpiece paintings from the myriad of lighthouse paintings available.  Jim Holland’s painting, “Stage Harbor Light” illustrates isolation around lighthouses by offering a wide view of sky and sea.  William Davis’s painting captures the stillness of early morning by including a figure rowing across Brant Point.  These timeless, luminous pieces reflect painting ideals of the nineteenth century while remaining contemporary.

For more information on the Cape Cod Art Museum exhibition, “Lighthouses in Cape and Islands Art,” visit:

Cod Art Museum – Cape Cod Museum of Art

To see examples of Jim Holland’s and William Davis’s exquisite paintings visit our website.

Artist Gallery – Jim Holland  Artist Gallery – William R. Davis

Much more impressive in life, many of the artists paintings are currently on display at Quidley and Co locations in Boston and Nantucket. 

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