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Sean Farrell Video

September 22, 2009

Limone di Sorrentia

Limone di Sorrentia

Artist Sean Farrell has produced a short video in which he discusses his techniques, interests, and inspirations as an artist.  This video not only gives a great look at numerous paintings, it also provides a chance to meet the artist.  View Video

 View Sean Farrell Paintings


Sean Farrell is a self-taught artist whose work has been described as a very modern take on old master style.  Sean exhibits his work in galleries from Nantucket to Florida to Arizona.  He has shown at the Florence Biennale and the Biennale di Chianciano in Tuscany.

Sean decided to forgo art school and instead learned how to paint by studying the old masters.  He fell in love with Italy on his first trip and has returned a dozen times since.  Spending all his time in the great museums, galleries, and churches, Sean would study the works of the old masters and sometimes spend days with a single work.  Disecting with his eyes, Farrell learned the fundamentals; composition, form, value, color, and others.

Today Sean finds inspiration within daily life.  Arrangments of produce at market and flowers in the garden all motivate his work.  While at the easel, Sean finds enjoyment in the physical qualities of paint (he grinds and mixes his own), as well as the drama of light, color  and texture.  There is a process of discovery and problem solving in painting, Sean uses the fundamentals he learned in Europe to guide the viewers eye around a composition.

His paintings are not literal translations of the still life he arranges in his studio, he picks and chooses elements to best serve the finished painting, eliminating elements or adding them from his memory or imagination.  Sean loves the discovery that comes from painting, as well as creating it for viewers.

View Sean Farrell Paintings


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